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Erä Techflex suoja sukkia, punoksia ja kääreitä, saapunut.



MTA:n mittaristot ja ohjain yksiköt kauttamme.

Myös ohjelmointipalvelu.



Ensimmäiset rengaspainevalvontasarjat ovat saapuneet varastoomme.


Business Partners Nyman OY

Our focus is offer good quality products and services for Finnish customers, with reasonable price.

Main role is importer and whole seller, but we serve also privite customers.


Our biggest interest is in the new and innovative products.  Products could be, accessories, materials, components, tools, instruments, equipments, or machines, for machine building, vehicles, automation, securitys systems, or something totally different.


At the beginning product range is somehow vehicle and machinery focused, but we are not limeted for this.


We support companies to find products, tools, materials and services, what they need.

Currently our limitations are geographically, Europe and product type, everything, without special regulations, or limitations. Geographically we could expand our range soon, when higher demand or potential has seen. At the moment, we will not make a business with chemicals, foods, etc.


Thru the specialist network, we are able to support our customers, with CAN-bus diagnostic, device configuration and programming. We can also rent some devices, e.g. dataloggers to be used customer projects.


Regardless of the product or service type & business area, if you are interested to get your business to the Finnish market, let us know.

Also if your services needs a representative in Finland, we can support you.